✴M A R I T A ✴ I S A 


✺ Painter & Illustrator                                                 

✺ Born in Birmingham, UK, 1983                                            

✺ Currently living and working in Charneca do Guincho, Cascais, Portugal

✉️ maritaisaart@gmail.com



Marine Scientific Illustration and Underwater Photography (postgraduate intensive course) Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Island of Ikaria, Greece, October 2007

Erasmus Exchange (one year; various faculties including Languages and Anthropology ~ Papua New Guinea) Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg, Germany, 2005-2006

2nd Year American University Exchange Program (one year; including Lamar Dodd School Of Art, School of Dance, and Department of Physics & Astronomy) University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA, 2003-2004 

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art (Painting, Illustration & Art History, final year specialising in Illustration; First-class honours 1:1) with German The University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, 2002-2007



Surf And Sea (upcoming) Galeria Surf Leça, Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal

Land Of Origin (solo) Guincho Art House, Charneca, Cascais, Portugal, 2018-current

Abstract Visions (group) Comid'Arte, Lisbon, Portugal, April-Aug 2017

Endless Summer (solo) Guincho Surf Lodge, Cascais, Portugal 2016-2017

Outside Into Inside (group) Galeria Surf Leça, Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal, Aug-Dec 2015

Sacred Symbols (solo) Pedaços de Glamour, Cascais, Portugal, Nov-Dec 2014

Mirrors Of The Mind (solo) Ort, Birmingham, UK, May 2014

O Mar O Nosso Lar (group) House Of Wonders, Cascais, Portugal, March-April 2014

BazArte Lionesa (group) Leça do Balio, Porto, Portugal, Dec 2013

SurfLeça Session (group) 1/4 d´Águas, Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal, April-Sept 2013

Ancient Echoes (solo) Polish Millenium House, Birmingham, UK, Dec 2012

Hidden Intuition (solo) Casa De Pasto Flor da Praia, Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal, June-Aug 2012

Expression Session (group) Galeria Surf Leça, Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal, April-May 2012

Renewal 2  (group) Gallery 150, Leamington Spa, UK, Feb 2011

Wanderlust: Enter The Dreamtime (solo) Gallery 150, Leamington Spa, UK, September-October 2010

Nordic Nature (solo) Gasskas, Jokkmokk, Sweden, Jan-Feb 2010

Magic Mountains (solo) Analog Bookshop, Banff, Canada, June-July 2009

Weird and Wonderful (group) Arts Factory, Byron Bay, Australia, 2008-2009

Degree Graduation Show (group) School of Art, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK, July 2007

The Secret Life Of Trees (solo) The Treehouse, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, May-June 2007



Goshawk (book of poems): Series of 26 Illustrations. Author: John Evans, Published by Underground Press, 2013

The Big Issue (magazine, issue no. 716): Full-page illustration on the back cover to promote the Save the Badger Campaign in Wales, UK, May 2010

The Acid Real (book of poems): Series of 19 Illustrations. Author: John Evans. Published by Underground Press, 2009

The Literary Pocket Book (of surreal poetry): Front cover and inside illustrations Volumes 1-5. Written and published by Steve Hitchens, 2006-2008



Painting from childhood (first painting ever sold!)